Arthritis (joint pain)

Prepare a powder by combining ginger juice, kalamari, vavding and salt. Get two to three grams of this powder with honey and lick it.

Applying ajma oil on the hands and feet will reduce joint pain.

Massaging neem oil on the hands and feet will reduce the pain caused by wind.

Heat a handful of ajmo, dipped in a teaspoon of salt water. Place the mesh on top, swallow a damp cloth over the mesh, then shake with the cloth. Doing so will alleviate the pain in the limbs caused by the cold winter air.

Eating four to five tomatoes during the day or drinking a glass of tomato juice early in the morning will cure any limb or joint pain in a fortnight.

If there is tingling in any part of the body, it is immediately beneficial to take crushed mango powder with water in the morning and evening and after a while drink warm milk mixed with cardamom.

Boil the leaves of kaner and take it in a bowl, then get it in sweet oil and massage it on the joints, the pain of the joints will disappear.

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