When the digestive fire slows down, it is called 'slow fire'. Fire plays a very important role in digesting food.

When this fire needs enough, it completes its digestion at the right time. But for some reason this fire slows down. Then its activity slows down. Which is why we are known as anorexia nervosa.


The main reason is not eating at the right time despite feeling hungry. Apart from this, overeating, frequent eating, oily, overly cold, spicy foods or ingredients also slow down the fire. Apart from this, consuming ready-made food in the market also slows down the fire and weakens the digestion.


Anorexia causes the stomach to feel heavy, bad taste in the mouth, bad breath, chest and stomach irritation, loss of appetite, overeating, panic attacks, flatulence due to gas and slow pain. Eat is done.


Ginger juice, lemon juice and salt taken together at the beginning of a meal relieves anorexia and increases digestion.

Ginger, cumin, ajmo and kalamari babbe gram and shakli hing, small pepper one gram each. After getting all this in the monastery and drinking one gram regularly, the complaint of anorexia is removed and the appetite is opened.

Ginger 10 gms, black pepper 10 gms, pepper 10 gms, salt 10 gms. Then get the black grapes in it and prepare the sauce and keep it in a glass vessel. Then by taking 8 to 12 grams of chutney daily in the morning and evening, anorexia is alleviated.

Drinking purple juice regularly as well as making purple vinegar is beneficial. Apart from this, taking purple vinegar with water in the morning and evening is also very beneficial.

Peel a squash, grate it and add salt and crushed black pepper to it. After heating it on fire, sucking a slice of lemon removes the complaint of anorexia.

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