Sometimes there is a small blister on the eyelid. Which we call Anjani.

These eyelashes often occur frequently and erupt, leaving the patient annoyed. It also often has a sweet itch.

The following remedies should be taken when blindness occurs.

Rubbing sandalwood on the eyelids and eyelids and applying it two to three times will be of great benefit.

Take a bowl with coriander and mint and apply it.

Rubbing tamarind seeds on a stone and applying it on the anjani frequently will be of great benefit.

Rubbing a piece of broken pot on a stone and applying it on the eyelid will be of great benefit.

Rubbing mango and purple milk on the stone with milk and applying it on the eyelids repeatedly gives relief.

Rubbing turmeric with water or milk and applying it on the eyelids is very beneficial.

Soak almonds in milk at night. In the morning, rubbing it with sandalwood and applying it on the eyelids is very beneficial.

Rubbing the bottom of the bore three or four times during the day gives a lot of relief.

Weak eyes:

When the eyes are weak, the eyes do not see well. Which is why you have to wear number glasses. But there are some remedies that improve eyesight, strengthen vision, and gradually lower the number of glasses over time.

Take cardamom seed powder and sugar in equal parts and take four grams of castor oil in it every morning and eat it in 30 days, it cures eye weakness, keeps the eyes cool and increases eyesight.

Taking a bowl of coriander and rubbing its juice in the eye (two drops) increases the brightness of the eyes.

Adding crushed black pepper and salt in orange juice and consuming it morning and evening makes the eyes beautiful and disease free. Perform this experiment for three consecutive months.

Three times a week, before going to bed at night, soak Rs in milk and put it on the eyes, bandage it, open it in the morning. Apart from this, when cold and clean milk is warmed and put in the eye, putting two or three drops of it in the eye is very beneficial.

Soak eight to ten almonds in water overnight. After eating the nuts in the morning, drink cow's milk. Doing this experiment will cure weak eyes, increase eyesight, eliminate eye disorders.

Soak the triphala powder in a bowl overnight. (Bechamcha) Strain in the morning with clean clothes. Then washing the eyes with this water will be beneficial, even in old age the eyes will not weaken, the whole will be clean and fresh.

One cup of carrot juice and one cup of spinach juice taken regularly in the morning (at sunrise) and in the evening (at sunset) reduces the number of eyes.

Take a bowl of neem leaves and apply it on the cotton wool. Then air dry the fan. Then burn this divat with mustard and camphor oil and apply mascara on it. Applying this mascara in the eye keeps the eyes healthy.


Banana, apple, green vegetable soup, spinach, fenugreek, cauliflower, milk, carrot and tomato should be taken regularly with daily meal.

Regular consumption of all these substances makes the eyes beautiful and increases the eyesight.

Frequent watering of the eye:

Often there is a constant flow of water from the eye. There are many benefits to doing the following.

Soak 30 to 40 large grapes in water overnight. It is very beneficial to eat the grapes the next morning and drink the same water.

Soak the triphala at night and drain the water the next morning. Then by spraying the same water on the eyes and washing the eyes, the water coming out of the eyes is stopped and the eye-flame is increased.

Sniffing the rye in honey stops the water from constantly coming out of the eyes.

Five black peppers at night and drinking a glass of hot milk on top of it gives relief in two days.

Put two small bowls of cardamom in a glass of milk at night and drink it after heating the milk.

Eating gooseberries by frying them in fire stops the water coming out of the eyes.

20 ml After dipping a clove of garlic in gram sarsiya oil and heating the oil properly, massaging the oil around the chest, neck and around the ears gives relief in just three days.

Drinking a pinch of salt in warm water every night also gives a lot of relief in this disease.

Adding a pinch of salt to coriander and mint tea stops the constant watering of the eyes.

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