Alternative Name :- Leg-split Posture, Split Leg Pose, Lunge Pose, Anjanay or Anjaney Asan, Anjaneya Asana

Anjaneyasana is named after the great Indian ape God. In this asana heart is connected to the lower part of the body, allowing the prana the opportunity to flow downward and upward.

How to start OR How to reach the stretch :-

  • Begin with hands directly below the shoulders and knees, hip width apart and directly below your hips - feet are straight behind the knees.
  • Bring your right leg forward between your hands so the ankle and knee are in one line and the shin bone is straight up and down.
  • Use your right arm to brace the shin inward to the midline of the body.
  • Curl the back toes under and lift the knee away from the ground.
  • Press back into the left heel as you lift the left thigh muscle up in to the sky and tailbone root down and forward. i.e.: Back leg is charged and lifting while the front leg is soft and surrendering - tailbone tucks into space between.
  • Draw your shoulder blades together on your back and allow your heart to lift in celebration.

How to end OR How to release the stretch :-

  • Bend the back knee and come back to table pose and repeat on other side.

How it help or Benfits of Anjaneyasana :-

  • Hip abductor stabilizers become toned.
  • Muscles in the arms and shoulders are toned and strengthened.
  • Many of the smaller muscles, tendons and ligaments in the knee are also stretched.

Precaution of Anjaneyasana :-

  • Keep in mind that your front knee should remain forward directly in front of you and doesn’t drop your knee inside or to the outside.
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