We are all well acquainted with anise. It is used as a mask in every home. It keeps the mouth clean. Also gives cooling. It also eliminates bad breath. It also treats the skin in the mouth.

Fennel is spicy, bitter, unhealthy, biliary, deep, short, hot, medium and bastikarmak. It is also beneficial in cough, flatulence, fever, sore throat, colic, inflammation, ophthalmology, thirst, vomiting, ulcer and so on. It prevents tooth decay. Eating after a meal keeps the mouth fragrant.

(1) On diarrhea: Drink fennel extract.
(2) On mouth disorder and gingivitis: Swallow the juice with a fork.
(3) On heat and cough: Fennel and sugar powder should be kept in the mouth frequently.
(4) On bile fever: Drink aniseed and sugar extract.
(5) Adding anise to the leaf spice makes it more palatable. Keeps the mind happy.
(6) On conjunctivitis: Wash eyes in aniseed water.

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