There are many benefits to taking baking soda in a bowl of purple leaves and applying it on the alais.

Fill an earthen pot with water, then wipe the amla in half a liter of water with a cloth. (Ambaladas-fifteen or twenty can be taken)

Put mango in water overnight and mash it in the morning. Then strain the water, add the sugar you want and drink the right amount of water. Drinking this water will keep the stomach clean, feel hungry, calm the body heat and get rid of allergies.

Drinking lemon water three times in the morning, afternoon and evening does not cause rashes and if it does, it disappears.

Sucking sugarcane one by one in the morning and in the afternoon calms the body heat and does not cause rashes.

Get camphor powder in neem oil. Massage with oil on the affected areas, take a bath after half an hour. A lot will be relaxed.

Apply neem soap on the body while bathing to avoid allergies. It will be very beneficial.

Rubbing watermelon or sugar cane on the larvae will remove the larvae.

Soak four slices of kokum in two glasses of water overnight. In the morning, boil the water for a glass, then add some sugar and drink it.

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