This disease is caused by the humidity in the atmosphere. Therefore, the disease is more common in monsoon days.

Apart from this, it is also caused by consuming foods that are too spicy, sour as well as too sour or oily. Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol can also cause this disease.


The patient suffers from inflammation of the chest, abdomen and throat, sour-sour belching, and sore throat. Sometimes vomiting, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea also occur.


Drinking a glass of milk after eating two bananas early every morning eliminates acidity in a few days.

The patient also benefits a lot from preparing and eating unleavened bread while making bread.

It is very beneficial to take two teaspoons of powdered isbagul immediately after a meal.

Getting a little roasted cumin and salt in orange juice and drinking it is immediately beneficial.

Eating equal amounts of ginger and coriander calms the bile and eliminates acidity.

Ginger juice mixed with mint juice three times a day is very beneficial.

There are many benefits to licking ginger juice and honey in equal proportions morning and evening.

Getting salt in ginger juice, adding a little roasted cumin in it morning and evening and drinking half a glass of buttermilk on it is very beneficial.

Remedies for Abdominal Pain:

Three grams of tender tamarind leaves in a bowl on a stone, one gram of salt in it, mixed with water and drinking it gives immediate relief in stomach ache.

Applying or shaking the heated oil with hing or black salt on the stomach relieves stomach ache.

Drink two teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of ginger juice and a little sugar to get rid of any stomach ache.

Getting lemon juice in radish juice and drinking it after a meal relieves stomach pain immediately after eating and also does not cause gas.

Heat cow's milk and water evenly. When the water is burnt and the milk is left, take it down and cool it. Drinking it also relieves stomach cramps.

There are many benefits to drinking bell fruit in buttermilk at night.

Eating fenugreek powder with yoghurt eliminates stomach cramps.

Remedies for vomiting:

When vomiting with phlegm occurs, licking a bowl of honey with ajmo and clove water immediately stops the frequent vomiting.

Cut the lemon in half and add salt and crushed black pepper on it and suck it to stop vomiting.

10 ml of ginger Getting the same amount of onion juice in the juice and drinking it will stop the vomiting immediately.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Dipping six grams of mint and two grams of salt in cold water gives immediate benefits.

Take one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of sugar with two teaspoons of water and give it to the patient every one hour to stop vomiting.

Soak large cleaned chickpeas overnight. Drinking that filtered water early in the morning stops vomiting.

Getting basil juice with honey and drinking one teaspoon will stop vomiting.

Vomiting is often caused by hunger. If you add black salt to lemon and lick it, you will get relief.

Dip one foot into warm paraffin, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Then drinking this filtered water stops vomiting. As well as nausea also stops coming.

Adding one gram of cardamom powder in pomegranate syrup and drinking it does not cause nausea.

Rubbing nutmeg with rice osmanthus and drinking it stops nausea.

Cutting a lemon and adding sugar to the aniseed and sucking does not cause nausea.

Remedies when the stomach is heavy:

Take 5 to 20 drops of chickpea liquid salt two to three times every two hours to lighten the stomach.

Take grape and aniseed babbe tola and soak it in half a liter of water. In the morning, mash it in water, then strain it, then get a pound of sugar in it and drink this mixture regularly for a few days.

Inflammation of the stomach:

Mixing ajmo and salt and taking a bowl and preparing it, it calms the stomach inflammation.

Take 10-10 grams coriander and cumin and put it in a half bowl. Then 20 ml. Soak in water overnight. In the morning, strain the water, strain it, add sugar and drink it for six days.

Drinking coriander and sugar syrup also calms stomach inflammation.

Roast the ajma on a hot griddle, take equal parts of salt, make a powder and take three grams of the powder with lukewarm water, it calms the stomach inflammation.

Anorexia nervosa:

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. When it turns red, make halva by adding forty tola jaggery. This halva is taken one by one every morning and evening to get rid of anorexia and good appetite.

Take one part of lemon juice and six parts of sugar syrup and make a syrup with cloves and black pepper in it and drink it to get rid of anorexia and digest the food properly.

Take one pound of ginger, one pound of black pepper, one pound of pepper, one pound of salt, combine all these and prepare powder. Then strain with a cloth. Then get 20 tolas of black grapes (seed extracted) in it. Then pour it into a glass bowl like a sauce.

Taking half to two tolas of this mixture daily in the morning and evening removes anorexia and stomach disorders.

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