colic and Causes of colic


There are many stages of emergency due to colic, bleeding, trauma, poisoning etc. In all these cases more or less colic is seen. Today we identify colic with the words pain, sorrow, pain, sorrow, pain, passing away, pain etc. Probably only a person who has not experienced colic.

Involuntary (internal) and involuntary (external) causes, there must be less-increasing colic each time. Isn't it also a kind of colic that you feel unhappiness in the unhappiness of the mind? That is to say, colic is inevitable in any physical or mental disease. The motto of Ayurveda is ‘Navaten Veena Shulam’, ‘Shool Nahin without Vayu’ is very important here. The body stays healthy in the state of bile-cough and the disease arises only in the state of its heterogeneity. In all the three faults, the air is strong and the phlegm-gallbladder is so, that in every disease there is a relationship with the air. The distorted air produces different types of colic in different organs by prana, apana, udan, samana and vanana intertwined with each other or in the same way with one or more of the five types of phlegm or bile. The more the coating with this air, the more difficult it is to get rid of the colic.

The simplest way to explain the action of a colic is to call it a colic if there is any obstruction in the airways of the body and yet the air tries to pass through it. Removing the obstruction of the airway is the only true treatment.

Causes of colic

The causes of the outburst are also shool. Produces copying with the qualities of air, cold, dry, vivid, short, etc. For example .... a person bathes in cold water in cold season, walks in cold with open body, sleeps in cold, drinks ice cold water and ice dishes, sugar, ghee, Consumption of cold food like banana, custard apple etc. and the pain caused by it in the chest, head, forearms, ears, jaws etc. can be called as chills. In the same way, talking more, singing, walking more, working harder, being in the wind, thinking a lot, etc., can be called moving colic due to the movement of air.

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