Vidanga: Uses, Side effects, Health benefits, Dose, Interactions

Vidanga (Embelia ribes)

Vidanga, sometimes called incorrect black pepper, has a variety of healing characteristics as well as is employed in ayurvedic solutions.(HR/1)

Because of its anthelmintic characteristics, vidanga is commonly used to expel worms and parasites from the stomach. It relieves indigestion and, because to its laxative properties, also aids in the management of constipation. Taking Vidanga churna on a regular basis may aid with weight management by reducing cholesterol levels and boosting the body’s metabolism. Due to its cardioprotective and antioxidant properties, it may also protect the heart from free radical damage. Vidanga’s antidepressant effect may make it useful in the treatment of depression, as it improves mood as well as brain functions.Because of its antibacterial properties, vidanga seed paste can be applied to the skin to aid with acne. To improve your complexion, mix Vidanga seed paste with rose water and apply to your skin.

Vidanga is also known as :- Embelia ribes, Jantughna, Krmighna, Krmihara, Krmiripu, Vidang, Vavding, Vavading, Vayavadang, Vayavidanga, Bhabhiranga, Baberang, Vayuvilanga, Babading, Vizhalari, Bidanga, Babrung, Vavaring, Vayuvilangam, Vayuvidangam, Vayuvidangalu, Baobarang, Babrang

Vidanga is obtained from :- Plant

Uses and benefits of Vidanga:-

As per several scientific studies, uses and benefits of Vidanga (Embelia ribes) are mentioned as per below(HR/2)

  • Intestinal Worms : Because of its Krimighna function, Vidanga is an effective plant for controlling worm infestations such as threadworms, roundworms, and other types of worms.
  • Indigestion : Vidanga’s heated potency prevents vomiting, nausea, indigestion, and flatulence. Its Rechana (laxative) property also aids in the management of constipation.
  • Depression : Because of its Vata balancing properties, Vidanga has an antidepressant effect that aids in the management of depression.
  • Throat infection : Vidanga has a calming effect on the Kapha dosha, which helps to alleviate cough and throat infections.
  • Obesity : Vidanga’s heated potency stimulates digestion and aids in the removal of undigested foods, which helps to reduce fat and eliminate any toxins present in the body.
  • Skin disease : Vidanga’s Shodhan (purification) property aids in the treatment of skin problems by removing toxins from the blood.
  • Hyperpigmentation : Due to its Kashaya (astringent) and Rasayana (rejuvenating) characteristics, a paste made from Vidanga leaves can aid to enhance skin colour, minimise hyperpigmentation, and promote wound healing.
  • Skin disease : When dusted on the problematic region with some oil, vidanga powder helps to control skin issues including eczema and ringworm.

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Precautions to be taken while using Vidanga:-

As per several scientific studies, below precautions should to be taken while taking Vidanga (Embelia ribes)(HR/3)

  • Prevent using Vidanga if you have low sperm count because it may impair the spermatogenesis process.
  • Vidanga needs to be avoided if you have level of acidity or any kind of gastric troubles because of its Ushna virya (warm effectiveness).
  • Special precautions to be taken while taking Vidanga:-

    As per several scientific studies, below special precautions should to be taken while taking Vidanga (Embelia ribes)(HR/4)

    • Breastfeeding : Vidanga must not be taken if you are nursing.
    • Pregnancy : Vidanga should be avoided during pregnancy.
    • Allergy : If you have oversensitive skin, mix Vidanga seeds paste or powder with coconut oil or rose water.

    How to take Vidanga:-

    As per several scientific studies, Vidanga (Embelia ribes) can be taken into the methods mentioned as per below(HR/5)

    • Vidanga Churna : Take one fourth to half tsp of Vidanga churna. Take it together with honey or with warm water ideally after meals.
    • Vidanga Capsule : Take one to 2 Vidanga pill. Swallow it with cozy water ideally after dishes two times a day.
    • Vidanga Seed Paste : Take fifty percent to one teaspoon of Vidanga seed paste. Mix it with climbed water as well as additionally apply similarly on the skin. Allow it sit for 5 to seven minutes. Laundry thoroughly with faucet water. Use this therapy one to 2 times a week to boost your skin complexion.
    • Vidanga Seeds Powder : Take half to one tsp of Vidanga seeds powder. Mix it with honey as well as use evenly on the afflicted area. Allow it sit for 7 to 10 mins. Wash entirely with water. Utilize this treatment two to three times a week to get rid of skin diseases

    How much Vidanga should be taken:-

    As per several scientific studies, Vidanga (Embelia ribes) should be taken into the amounts mentioned as per below(HR/6)

    • Vidanga Churna : One 4th to half teaspoon twice a day.
    • Vidanga Capsule : One to 2 pill twice a day.
    • Vidanga Paste : Fifty percent to one teaspoon or based on your need.
    • Vidanga Powder : Fifty percent to one tsp or according to your need.

    Side effects of Vidanga:-

    As per several scientific studies, below side effects need to be taken into consideration while taking Vidanga (Embelia ribes)(HR/7)

    • There is not enough scientific data available about side effects of this herb yet.

    Questions asked frequently Related to the Vidanga:-

    Question. What are the chemical constituents of Vidanga?

    Answer. Fruit, leaf, and also origin are the parts of this plant that are used. Vidanga contains a number of chemical compounds that are responsible for its medicinal advantages, consisting of embelin, embelinol, embeliaribyl ester, embeliol, and vilangin.

    Question. What are the forms of Vidanga available in the market?

    Answer. Vidanga is available in a variety of forms on the market, including: Capsule 1 2. the powder

    Question. What is the price of Vidanga?

    Answer. 1. For 300 grammes of Vidanga Powder, rates range from Rs 500 to 600. 2. A bag of 60 Vidanga Capsules costs between Rs 100 as well as Rs 150.

    Question. Can Vidanga cause loose motions?

    Answer. Vidanga’s Rechana (laxative) residential property may generate loosened motion if taken in high doses.

    Question. Does Vidanga help in constipation?

    Answer. Yes, Vidanga has laxative effects that may help with irregular bowel movements alleviation. Vidanga has anthraquinone glycosides, which assist in bowel movement and also stool excretion.

    Question. Does Vidanga help in weight loss?

    Answer. Yes, the ethanolic extracts of Vidanga exhibit lipid-lowering impact, which assists in weight management by decreasing body mass.

    Question. Does Vidanaga help to manage depression?

    Answer. Vidanga (Embelia ribes) is a plant that can be made use of to treat depression. It includes a compound called embelin, which has antidepressant residential or commercial properties. According to research study, embelin reduces the reuptake of natural chemicals such as serotonin and norepinephrine, for this reason improving mood.

    Question. Does Vidanga help to cure a sore throat?

    Answer. Yes, Vidanga’s demulcent (inflammation and irritation-relieving) residential or commercial properties aid in the relief of a sore throat. It gives a protective movie over the mucous membrane layer, minimizing swelling and also minor pain while likewise safeguarding the underlying cells.

    Question. Is Vidanga beneficial for heart diseases?

    Answer. Yes, Vidanga serves for heart troubles because it includes antioxidant-active parts. It safeguards versus cell damages brought on by cost-free radicals and has a cardioprotective result.

    Yes, Vidanga may be effective in the treatment of heart disease, which is triggered by a Vata dosha imbalance. Vidanga’s Vata harmonizing, Balya (stamina giver), as well as Rasayana (rejuvenation) attributes help the heart keep its maximum function by giving internal stamina.

    Question. Is Vidanga beneficial for worms in the stomach?

    Answer. Vidanga has anthelmintic residential or commercial properties, for that reason it serves for stomach worms. It aids in the removal of intestinal tract worms and also parasites.

    Yes, Vidanga can assist with worm infections brought on by a weak or damaged digestive system. The features of Vidanga’s Deepan (appetiser), Pachan (food digestion), and also Krimighna (anti-worm) help food digestion and avoid worm growth in the stomach.

    Question. Can Vidanga be used for piles?

    Answer. Although there isn’t sufficient clinical proof to confirm Vidanga’s role in piles, it has generally been made use of for heaps.

    Piles are caused by an absence of or poor digestion, which causes the Vata and also Pitta doshas to be impaired. This causes pain, burning, as well as occasionally hemorrhaging in the rectal area. Because of its Vata balancing, Deepan (appetiser) and also Pachan (digestion) characteristics, Vidanga aids in the management of piles. Its Kashaya (astringent) and Rasayana (rejuvenation) attributes aid prevent blood loss in stacks and also preserve basic health.

    Question. Can Vidanga cause skin rashes?

    Answer. As a result of its Ushna (warm) strength, Vidanga can cause skin rashes in people that are at risk to heat.

    Question. Does Vidanga help to cure acne?

    Answer. Vidanga does aid handle acne since it consists of the chemical embelin. It lowers inflammation and also swelling related to acne by hindering the task of acne-causing germs (Propionibacterium acnes).

    Question. Does Vidanga help in hair fall?

    Answer. Vidanga does have a chemical called embelin, which may aid to lower hairfall. It likewise includes anti-androgenic properties, which help in the avoidance of male sexual troubles such as androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness).


    Because of its anthelmintic characteristics, vidanga is typically used to get rid of worms and also bloodsuckers from the tummy. It alleviates acid indigestion and also, since to its laxative residential or commercial properties, also help in the monitoring of irregularity.